About us

“A visit to Capet is a journey to a dimension we all know but at the same time, no-one visits as regularly as they should. A world of scents, flavours and passion enrich the dining experience as time passes and enhance your stay as if this were the natural order of things. Like it was meant to be this way. No useless gimmicks or fancy gadgets. Honesty and flavour in equal doses. Ever more intensely daring passion.”

This text is from a friend of ours, written to define us. Perhaps repetitive, or maybe a bit pretentious, what he’s trying to say is part (or all) of our daily work. A task based on showing diners and friends alike that using ingredients we’re familiar with, that are so common we almost forget about them, and a careful technique where nothing should weigh more than strictly necessary, Capet strives to be a beacon of honesty in terms of its offer and results. Market food interpreted as should be the case. Ingredients that have always been there and that, for some strange reason, we don’t admire as much as we should. The food we like. Long life!